The organization's objectives are the creation of a social environment friendly both for humans and for the environment through awareness activities, providing information, conducting research, equipping, possessing, leasing and offering other supports for facilities which improve mobility for the elderly and the disabled, through solving global environmental issues, and through promoting and assisting international exchanges on a regional level.


This organization, in order to achieve the above objectives, carries out the following activities.

  • Assistance, awareness raising, information provision, and research to improve ease of public transport use by the elderly and the disabled
  • Assistance in renovating passenger facilities and passenger vessels to improve ease of public transport use by the elderly and the disabled
  • Using subsidies from the central and local government to improve, possess, and lease facilities to railway companies to make railway stations barrier-free
  • Promoting the discovery of solutions to environmental issues in the transport sector
  • Promoting international exchanges on a regional level, improving the transport conditions for local residents, and helping local residents to revitalize their communities
  • Assisting other public-service corporations in carrying out programs mentioned in 4 and 5
  • Other programs necessary to achieve the objectives set by the organization