Sep 30,1994

The Minister of Transport approved the establishment of the Foundation for Promoting Amenities of Transport
Chairperson: Yoshinosuke Yasojima (president of Teikyo University of Technology)

Dec2.1994 Started subsidies for renovating facilities such as elevators and escalators to be more user-friendly with greater mobility.
Jan 17,1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
Mar 22,1995 Reconstruct the Kobe Central Jetty and Itami Station on the Hankyu Itami Line as amenity terminals as a project to recover from the earthquake and as model cases for barrier-free facilities.
Apr 23,1997 Two programs were added, one to help solve global environmental issues in the transport field, and the other to help create regional societies that enhance international exchanges, pursue a better transport environment for local people, and make them more active.
Dec 10.1997 Renaming of the organization to "Foundation for Promoting Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation" was approved by the Minister of Transport.
Jul 10,2000 As a saucer organization to implement the program for more accessible railway stations, we added the program to improve, possess, and lease facilities necessary to make railway stations barrier-free.
Nov 24,2000 Appointed as a designated organization of Law for Promoting Easily Accessible Public Transport Infrastructure for the Aged and the Disabled by the Minister of Transport and the Minister of Construction.
Oct 1,2003 Started the certification program for Green Management (business operation with low environmental load) in the trucking business.
Mar 29,2004 Office moved to the 3rd Floor, Gobancho KU Bldg., 10, Gobancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Apr 1,2012 The Prime Minister accredited and transitioned to the Public Interest Incorporated Association.